Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Jul 31

As Frosty as a Bastard….who’s got frost on him….

…where the air is clear as crystal and the bright stars fairly blaze… (Hat tip to AB Paterson and his marvellous poem “The Man From Snowy River”.)

What a simply marvellous weekend.

Glen, Tash, Astley, Kristina and I went camping at Giraween this weekend.

It was cold!…5 degree celsius upon our 7pm arrival at the campsite. I was glad I had packed my thermal underwear and two doonas and my swag.

There was not a cloud in the sky…making it an idyllic (and fecking freezing) evening. Peaceful, serene, bliss!

Saturday was taken up with a morning of bushwalking (with requisite cheery ripe tim tams and brewed coffee sipped on a rock high up with 360 degree views of the surrounding area) followed by an afternoon of wineries and wine tasting (thank goodness I was not designated driver because I was a tad pissy by the time we returned).

I was however designated chef…and in spite of my reservations in my ability to use a Dutch oven (NOT THAT TYPE OF DUTCH OVEN)…managed to serve up a meal of porcupines with a Greek salad followed by Chocolate Fudge Pudding with cream, custard and fresh Strawberries. The meal was well received by the starving hordes and I must of course thank my assistant chefs Glen and Tash for their fabulous chopping abilities.

Sunday was a nice sleep in for moi…until lunch…while the others walked up some big fuckoff rock…I thinks I chose the warmer, more blissful option….more wineries this afternoon….the dreaded Orange Book of Hell (my clinical competencies book) has now been totally signed off….much happieness.

Ready to face another week (only 8 more until exams).

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