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   Aug 07

Pubic Tim Tams

I go to great lengths to avoid having to study. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting procrastinatory exercises.

This week’s procrastination includes: open mic, med revue rehearsals x2, and attending two starkly different theatrical productions.

Wednesday presented an opportune time to see Dead White Males (by David Williamson) at The Arts. I was VERY impressed with both the play itself and the calibre of the performers. I wish I had seen it earlier in the season as I would have loved to have seen it again as I am sure there is so much more that I could take in from a second viewing. Methinks I shall have to locate a script and read it. In any case, the content caused my brain to go through a bit of an intellectual gymnastics routine as I began drawing parallels with the characters and people I know in RealLife(TM).

In contrast to Wednesday, Saturday saw me at Substation No. 4 in Petrie Terrace where I saw Those With Lucifer performed by Zen Zen Zo. I have never been to a physical theatre performance before so this was an interesting baptism.

Bemused trepidation described my pre-show thoughts after a friend, who had heard I was going to the show said “Oh so you’re going to see naked people clad in rice-flour doing stuff”.

She was right. There was naked people covered in rice-flour doing stuff.

Stuff was interesting.

Stuff included not having seats to sit in…people milled around the performance space and the actors mingled amongst the audience…and moved them when needed..even if the audience members got damp rice-flour-sweat-paste on their faces…hands…random body parts. The performance took place over two levels and involved lots of audience relocation.

Stuff included throwing cooked spaghetti everywhere (including over the audience).

Stuff included a random bath filled with rice-flour and water with an actress lying in it covered in rose-petals.

Stuff included tim-tams, having spent considerable time stuffed in g-strings being then chewed up and spat out at the audience….most of which bounced off me…others faired a little worse with bits being stuck in hair and beards.

I have to admit being somewhat skeptical for the first ten minutes of the show….actually really found it entertaining by the end. Over the course of the evening…the seven deadly sins were depicted. It is amazing how powerful you can get messages across with lights, music, and lots of physical movement without actually having to say anything.

All in all I think I liked the show.

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  1. Frazicus says:

    they cant believe thats art, can they? there are limits to these sorts of things….

  2. jez says:

    I thinks they were trying to push the limits as far as they could. I am surprised they bothered with g-strings. There was certainly a shock factor involved.

  3. Kym says:

    ZZZ’s Macbeth at the Princess Theatre (Gabba) was incredible. They used the text but the witches were 8 weird things (minimal clothing, red body paint everywhere, that ended up in weird places of my clothing), no seats, audience milling, very dark room. I have never been so scared in all my life.

  4. Sam says:

    I’m not sure ZZZ understands the word “limits”

  5. Random says:

    it’s called Butoh – you should look into it – it’s more than just shock factor

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