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   Aug 12

Malignant Involvism

I think I have acute on chronic involvism.

This is an (as yet) undescribed illness where the afflicted person is forever involving themselves in things potentially to the deteriment of other things they are involved in.

At present I have an acute exacerbation (hence acute on chronic).

In this case, I am running the risk of being raked over the coals (again) by my consultant for not being in clinic as well as not actually finding the time to study for exams (which are perilously close at present…44 days)…why?

… because I need to learn to say “No”. “No, I’m sorry, I am really busy at the moment I don’t have time to do that”…

But no…silly me wouldn’t dream of doing that…it’s far more fun to do other things than it is to do things that will potentially get me a degree and a stable job (even if I already have one of each that I don’t care too much for).

So between now and Sunday I have a three million short film fragments to edit and a DVD to put together (oh yeah and a few pages of lines to learn) otherwise….my name is mud and about a thousand people who are attending the Med Revue will only get to see half the show (since the other half is sitting in my pocket on DV tapes in various pieces).

Love that pressure of deadlines…..pity they don’t do my blood pressure any good.

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