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   Aug 16

Nudity, False Alarms and Countertransference

Not sure why…not motivated to write much at present. Perhaps I am experiencing secondary anideaorrhea…okay poor attempt at a neologism…before I experience any creative spotting or flooding I thinks I will stem the flow of poor taste jokes that may or may not have anything to do with my current rotation.

Med Revue: last night, tonight, tomorrow night. (See the photos here.)

Have never seen such an under-rehearsed over produced piece of performance manage to somehow pull itself together and go off on opening night without a hitch and without a proper full-run dress-rehearsal.

Would not rate as my favouritest of the four years I have been involved but amusing, entertaining and fun to be a part of nonetheless…even if my underwear is seen simultaneously by several hundred people….never thought that would happen…least of all when I am singing about getting syphillus from not wearing a condom then segueing into a song about herpes and a four part harmony about gonorrhoea. But the medley was a success and much applaudage happened.

Night two did not see me in the best of moods….several reasons…lack of foodage in the last 24 hours, people who ask me to do one thing and then complain when I do exactly what they asked me to do and…..

Videoed the show tonight…. had to go tearing accross the ceiling mid-show to change tapes and get back in time to be on stage …for some reason the camera didn’t manage to tape act two…lucky there’s one more show….

…managed to get tonguetied on one of my lines..quasi crucial to the punchline of the skit I was in which, whilst amusing in itself and managed to get a laugh…. annoyed me… I was feeling very space-cadetesque this evening.

On an amusing note….smoke machines set off the fire alarm during the show….which meant a theatre evacuation….ironically most of the audience didn’t seem to be fussed moving when asked to…too bad if the fucking place was on fire.

Roll on October 2nd.

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  1. Paradox says:

    Oh Jeremy, you almost manage to leave me rolling around on the floor groaning and cracking up. The photos look awesome, wish I could have been there to see it. Looking forward to that video!!!!! Maybe you can bring it up to visit me on the Hill next year!
    Cheery pip

  2. Paradox says:

    How’d the last performance go? Hope you had fun and it was worth all the stress. Me, am so excited about the move to Woomby I can hardly contain myself and just want to tell the world!!! he he.

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