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Time Flies…

   Aug 18

The Dirty Dozen and Other Bits

No motivation lately to pen any words. Words don’t seem to say what I want to say. Even from the “I should be studying angle so why not procrastinate with some blog entries” angle I don’t seem to be getting any thrill.

Med Revue came to an end Tuesday night. Why is is that people have an innate desire to fuck up a perfectly good show by ad-libbing and getting nude on the last night??? People who aren’t funny shouldn’t ad lib. A similar thing could be said about nudity.

Cast party went off like a sog in a frock. I got a keyring engraved “The Dirty Dozen – Med Revue” – all of us fourth years who have been involved in the med revue for the last four years got one. A fantastic gesture I thinks. Much drinking thanks to the bar tab. I vaguely remember being at the casino afterwards …then when I left the pancake manor to walk home…it was wednesday mornign and the sun was coming up. No snoggage for me at this cast party…curses. Spending the day at work was suboptimal. BBQ at Rich’s in the even was a subdued event since everyone was sooo tired. We watched a raw version of the show (as if we hadn’t seen it enough in the past few nights). Sleep was great.

Captured first act of footage so far. Might try and actually get DVD done before next year’s revue perhaps?

Technically I haven’t committed to anything between now and exams. I am sure that will change. Anything’s gotta be more interesting than studying…and frankly another year of being a student doesn’t seem so bad.

There are worse things that could happen.

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