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   Aug 21

In Search of Caffeine…Nine and a half cups

Mother is away for two weeks.

Do you think I could find the basket that holds the coffee in my stovetop espresso maker? I honestly don’t know where it’s gone. Given that mum was last to use it and the other two bits were in the dish rack, one would think it would be somewhere nearby. Fifteen minutes of searching high and low and getting pissed off because I was not sipping hot coffee and it’s a stupidly simple thing that shouldn’t disappear…I contemplated calling the maternal unit in Sydney to ascertain the whereabouts of this crucial piece of equipment. At 6am however I suspect she would not have been impressed.

So I opted for plunger coffee…and had just ground the beans when I went to go and get the milk out of the fridge to discover it was lumpy and had expired a week ago…

…getting more irate I got into the car to go down to buy some milk….next to the seven eleven there’s a Cibo coffee house. I thought I may as well try it out. I nearly died when my double shot mocha cost me $6.60…it was tasty I must admit and necessary after trying to get a coffee for the last hour…but fuck me…how the hell can anyone get away with charging that much? I would have walked out had I not been seduced by the smell of brewing coffee.

If I were to make myself that same coffee at home…had the espresso basket not been in cognito…it would have cost me $0.70. (Yes I sat down and calculated the cost of the coffee, electricity, milk and cocoa)…..and it would have tasted just as good or even better. Humph. Which means I could have been zinging with nine and a half mochas instead of one. Arrhythmia city. Is it any wonder I have no spare cash.

Moral of the story…don’t buy from Cibo… …unless you’re desperate for coffee… …when you’re desperate for coffee you’ll pay almost anything. At least now I have milk. Mother will be receiving a call later this morning to interrogate her about the whereabouts of the espresso basket.

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One Comment

  1. Kitsunegari says:

    holy fig sticks! $6.60!!!!!!!???!!!?! seriously, what did they do? Go to jamaica and get the rarest coffee bean on earth just for your mocha? that’s outrageous. And even if I was that desparate for coffee I’d hijack a plane to Jamaica for the rarest coffee bean on earth, i would NOT pay that much for one. I’d tell them where to stick their steaming hot caffination (and let me tell you, I doubt it’d be pleasant) and quite boldly walk out of the store. Leaving them with a wasted coffee (well, prolly not, they’d end up drinking it themselves no doubt). Don’t they like customers? *sigh* anyhoo, i feel the coffee pain. My regular Trukish coffee has vanished, and i’m haivng to drink some seriously substandard australian variety of pulverised bean. it’s crap. the pain a coffee fanatic has to go through to get their fix these days….

    til next….

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