Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Aug 22

Sleep? Wake? Whatever!

Daylight apparently means nothing to my pineal gland. Or maybe I don’t have a pineal gland. In whichever case….I slept from 1430 to 0130 yesterday which means I have been up now since 0130.

Procrastination to the max…all my ironing is done!!! And the washing. And had I had flour I would have made some loaves of bread this morning before going to uni.

ANC (Ante Natal Clinic) this morning was not fun. IUFD (Intra Uterine Foetal Death) is not fun. Imagine walking into a clinich full of pregnant mums all rosey and happy only to be told the foetus that was growing inside you has died. We had that happen this morning. Even the midwives and some of the doctors were in tears. Luckily it doesn’t happen very often (maybe about 12 times a year…which, given that there are thousands of bubs born at the hospital it’s a pretty small percentage)…..still if it’s your child….

Assisted with a caesar at lunchtime. I can see why gumboots and scrubs are a good thing. I had blood all over my scrubs and spent a good while standing in a pool of congealed blood holding retractors. Retractors don’t do much when there is fat in abundance.

It never pays to have a surgeon in a bad mood. Guaranteed as soon as they are stroppy something will not run according to plan. In this case a number of vessels decided they were going to bleed everywhere. Hence the pool of blood I was standing in. It all came good in the end. If only I could get the smell of burning fat and congealed blood out of my nostrils.

The highlight of today was the fact that tuna was on special. I bought 20 cans. The people I am staying with thought I had gone crazy. Mmm tuna.

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  1. Kitsunegari says:

    i thought everybody knew that the pineal gland was an urban myth. we’ve all heard the stories… “and I woke in a bath of ice with a note resting on me saying my pineal gland had been removed and that I should call for a paramedic ASAP”…
    *thinks* or was that something else?

    anyhoo, i think my point is: that regular sleep is for people with regular lives. like, um… that guy over there *points*

    til next….

  2. Sam says:

    I thought regular people with regualr lives was an urban myth.

  3. Kitsunegari says:

    perhaps it is, but i’m trying to imagine waking up in a bath tub of ice and a note attatched to you telling you that your regular life has been removed, call paramedics ASAP….

    til next….

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