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   Aug 25

Supermarket Suicidality

A little melodramatic…but a little melodrama never hurt anyone.

How is it I can walk into a supermarket in high spirits and then gradually over the course of the aisle cruising have my life force sapped out of me such that by the time I make it to the checkout I am ready to ‘check out’ of life….okay again …melodramatic…but it sounded cool. Point is….How can a menial task like grocery shopping … a task that isn’t physcially overtaxing …be so mentally draining.

Fortunately I recognised this downward spiral for what it was and took evasive action in the form of dark chocolate in the confectionary aisle….I had devoured a good few pieces by the time I had left the carpark…and…was feeling considerably better.

Dark chocolate is most definitely a panacea. As is a visit to the Merlo factory to get fresh beans and a complimentary coffe while you wait.

…drat…and don’t you hate it when you have just arrived home and you remember what you originally went shopping for only to discover you have forgetten to get what you went out to buy?

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One Comment

  1. Paradox says:

    Idiot! Write a shopping list! Mind you I always go to the supermarket with a nice little list and come home with twice as much as was originally on it. I however, find grocery shopping quite cathartic and great retail therapy! There’s nothing like wandering up and down and looking at the millions of possibilities for dinner or lunch.

    Enjoy your chocolate.

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