Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Aug 26

Wheels in motion…

My RTW ticket is paid in full! Yaay. Felt weird carrying thousands of dollars in cash in my pocket today to go pay for it.

My elective is…closer to being finalised. Apparently I am confirmed for Copenhagen with students from Quebec, Israel and Greece also being there at the same time.

A month today until exams. Egads. I thinks I should start styudying soonish.

It’s far more fun to surf wireless internet at bar Merlo or the Pizza Cafe at St Lucia and sip coffees with mates than it is to study.

I’m hoping I can pull something out of my arse one last time…but as I mentioned to someone the other day… I’ve been doing that now for nigh on four years…..so…it’s getting pretty empty up there.

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