Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Aug 31

Last Day of the Month Before

Today sees one more barrier fall down…tomorrow I enter the month that is the month of hell. The month in which my hideous horrible ghoulish exams are.

Twenty-Six days and counting. Most definitely counting. Six-Hundred-And-Twenty hours until the first flame from hell arrives.

I feel like I am on the Titanic (no I’m not feeling like I’m king of the world) heading inexorably (and blissfully ignorantly) towards a big fat fuckoff iceberg that I’m due to slam into in the aforementioned 620 hours. Following that there will be a gradual sinking (of my hopes of passing) as with each day I sink further and further below the pass mark with each exam.

Alternatively… I feel like I’m on a rickety unkempt unmaintained rollercoaster (ha! that describes the med school curriculum to a T – rickety, haphazard, unkempt and unmaintained) that is about to come unstuck as it flys around a corner…there are no brakes and I can’t get off it. There’s nothing I can do but sit like a toad that allows itself to be gradually boiled to death because it can’t perceive that the water is getting hotter.

…so in terms of procrastinatory efforts (why bother studying when there’s procrastination to be done)… I went to the Law Revue last night. Biased as I might be, I still think the Med Revue was better. Having said that it was most definitely entertaining. It would have been a whole lot better if the lighting and sound hadn’t let the team down – it’s difficult to enjoy something when you can’t see or hear half of what is happening.

For some ridiculuous reason (to which however I have no desire to be disloyal)….okay enough with the G&S or B&S as the case may be….for some reason I let out a snort of laughter during one of the overtly long scene changes…just because I could. Not because anything was particularly funny…which one of my colleagues next to me found amusing…and started laughing….at which I started laughing uncontrollably at…and before long there were a large number of people in the audience laughing..uncontrollably..at nothing. The beer at interval might have had something to do with it.

A number of copy-cats tried to achieve the same in later scene change blackouts….but not nearly as successful as the result of my unplanned snort.

Maybe when my medical career comes to a crashing (temporary hopefully) halt after crashing and burning in late September, I could get a job as a professional rent-a-laugh for shows. People are always happier to laugh and react if other people are laughing and reacting. So there has to be someone who’s happy to start….I thinks it would be fun to be paid to do that….and there’s far less chance of being sued in that profession.

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  1. Sam says:

    I once read I short story about a guy who did a rent-a-laugh style thing. It talked about how good this guy was at his job, how he had different laughs for different situations but ended with him depressed that he had all these different laughs but he couldn’t remember what his own sounded like.

    Though thinking about how your laugh sounds I don’t think you’ll have that problem :)

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