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   Sep 05

Gah!!! Paperwork!

‘Twas with muchos excitement today that a big parcel arrived in my mailbox from PAH. It had all my commencement paperwork…a very thick wad of intimidating and confusing documents and forms that require attention before 30th September (just when my concentration should be focused on actually passing so that I am legally able to work next year).

Flicking through the paperwork….my head started to spin. I love it how government departments have a form for just about everything (short of wiping your backside…and I am sure it won’t be long before that is required).

It’s all very well having forms. But …. they should be intuitive. Or if they are not intuitive…they should come with a dummies guide to completing them. They should also cater for atypical people who don’t fit the stereotype…..

The whole commencement pack doesn’t cater for people already working for QH…like me. I need to transfer all my details across departments… I don’t need everything recreated dammit. I bet I get my pay fucked up among other things.

The HIC/Medicare Provider Number/Prescriber Number application form asks questions about things I know nothing about….it also asks for proof of registration…great…how the fuck am I supposed to fill that form in when I don’t actually graduate or register until 16th December.

They want me to say before 30th September….when I want my 5 weeks holiday next year…. how am I supposed to know where I want to go for a holiday next year??? I don’t even know what I am doing in December let alone next year.

Grrr. Rant. Whinge.

Still… receiving official notification of a job is cool. Good motivation to pass.

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  1. Kym says:

    GO JEZ! Focus all your energy on passing, so that you can revel in the fruits of your labour – holiday, new job, access to multitudes of drugs…….

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