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   Sep 09

MBBS Musings

Today is the four year anniversary of that dreaded interview that got me into this mess in the first place.

I was in the med school today handing in the orange piece of shit (thank fuck that’s out of the way hopefully for ever and ever) and I saw that they were once again holding interviews for next year’s cohort.

It’s hard to believe I have progressed slowly through the MBBS gastro-intestinal tract where I have been shattered into little pieces, homogenised, broken down and now I am languishing in the sigmoid colon of the med course waiting for that one last reflex to stir a commotion so I can be shat out the other end as a piece of bureaucratical excrement otherwise known as a doctor.

Me thinks the ‘hidden curriculum’ has well and truly had it’s effect on me. I thinks the course needs a bit of an aperient to get things in motion. I am sick of festering.

In other news, I have now finished all my clinical placements. My lit review (read: beautiful piece of fiction) for Obs and Gobs was due at 1330hrs today … I started it at 0930hrs. It’s amazing how creative one can be when there are deadlines. And I had it done with time to spare.

None the less…with the handing in of my last lot of assessment…that means all that I have left (supps aside) is 13 hours of exams and then I am free as a bird…until they bring out the buckshot-laden results shotgun and I am unceremoniously shot out of the sky of freedom into a puddle of unsavoury revision for supplementary exams.

Oh well. That’s ages away. So much procrastination to be done between now and then.

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