Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Sep 13


My last bastion against study procrastination has been breached!!!!!!

I have always sought refuge in the library study carels as a last resort against the multiple procrastinatory sources that are ever increasingly becoming all to easily available.

The study carels in the library were away from home, away from television and probably most importantly away from the darkest most malevolent of the cacophony of procrastinatory beasts – The Internet!

No more. The university has finally dragged itself kicking and screaming into the modern age and installed wireless access points all over campus so that now I can’t go anywhere without being able to access the internet. Arghhh.

And being the weak minded person that I am, I can’t say no. There are far too many tempting things and I have minimal self control – especially when it comes down to….mindless study or ….multiple projects and friends to catch up with – now only a few key clicks away.

And of course it might be suggested that I not bring my computer….alas, I argue it has all my notes on it and I regularly use online resources for study – there’s no way I can stop myself. I feel naked without my powerbook….it’s even coming around the world with me… Argh. I think I need to check into internet rehab. I wonder if there is a cyberspace equivalent of the methadone program.

Amusingly….historically, the internet usage drops precipitously when I don’t have to be doing something else. When I am free to do as I please, I am only too happy to be out in the fresh air doing fun things with fun people…..but when locked in my room (and now…in the library) ….or at work… the tendrils and dendrites of that artificial sanctum where my mind seeks refuge from the real world, reaches out to me and draws me in.

Less than two weeks now until we enter the second stage of the exam labour we’re in…..the first phase is progressing….finally – the intellectual equivalent of a cervix is dilating and with any luck, within the next 13 days will have reached the intellectual equivalent of 10cm and we can start to be pushed out (reluctantly) from the festering womb of study into the cold hard reality of exams.

Sixteen days until the third stage of the exam pregnancy – that being where the foetus that is our exam performance has been expelled and we await for the “results-placenta” to expunge itself as our cerebral uterus contracts as it no longer holds the “knowledge foetus”. And of course this is assisted by that fantastic cerebral tocolytic – ALCOHOL.

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  1. Kitsunegari says:

    you know if you need any help ‘post pregnancy’ you can always call on us to help you divulge in all things intoxicating and yummy. Like Rum *snicker* DEEEE-NIGH-AL! *giggles*

    til next….

  2. Sam says:

    There’s a comment about getting a patch to deal with your computer problem that I’m goiong to feel a little bad for say cause the joke is so terrible.

    Oh well.

    Maybe you could get a patch to deal with your computer problems.

    I suddenly feel the need to scrub myself.

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