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Time Flies…

   Sep 16

Should, Could, Won’t

So need to be studying. So don’t want to be studying.

So want to be doing other things. So shouldn’t be doing other things.

Herein lies the conflict.

And as a result….I end up doing nothing.

Which is probably worse than doing other things.

Two weeks tomorrow till I FINISH.

So what better way to celebrate the two-week countdown than to attend a barbeque where there is alcohol and no study.

Study is for weenies anyways. Well at least that is my current assertion.

In other news….diamonds definitely sparkle in the sun. Especially new ones that weren’t on fingers two days ago.

Which means…..another two of my friends are going to take a bite of the marriage cherry.

The ‘single-friends’ room is looking a little emptier.


Oh well I know these two will be happy together. And congratulations to them. I know they will have cute little offspring.

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One Comment

  1. H says:

    Oh dear…it’s just you and me J…and K…and C….ok, so maybe there are a few of us left in the ‘single-friends’ room.

    It could be worse…don’t ask me how right now because I’m already somewhere around rock bottom as it is.


    H xo

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