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   Sep 20

The Sign of Nine

International pirate day was not a good day for me. I woke in a foul mood and it only got worse.

I think I must be more stressed than I thought.

Stupid QH wants a birth certificate to prove I am me when I start next year even though I have worked for them for 8 years.

Do you think I could find my fucking birth certificate? I was ranting and raving and cursing and swearing. Mother (trying to be soothing and appeasing) only got me madder by trying to make me think rationally.

Much throwing of things occurred.

I ended up getting petty and told mum that QH could go and fuck their stupid job next year if they insisted on having a birth certificate.

Inciting further insult to the already excoriated injury… my PowerBook has a fucked memory problem and needs to be fixed under warranty…which meant backing everything up….taking hours of what should have been study. Oh yeah and stupid fucking XP wanted to be reactivated…..meaning a phonecall to microsoft…stupid piece of shite software.

I resorted to a good dose of thumping loud “Beethoven No. 9″ (hey that sounds like a funky panacea that could be flogged on late night TV.. “Dr Beethoven’s Serum No.9″..either that or a perfume) – which dropped my BP a good 20 systolic I think. A good indicator that I am stressed. (as if the ranting raving and cursing didn’t give it away).

Much betterness was felt after I had gymed it up and my PowerBook backup escapade had run its course.

Less than a week until hell….and the chance of me getting through the next two weeks with a pass come October 28th is as much as hell has of freezing over.

Twelve days until I am able to be blissfully ignorant of shit and disappear into the wild blue yonder for 6 weeks.

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One Comment

  1. Paradox says:

    Oh dear. Poor thing – sounds like you need some intensive chocolate and red wine therapy! Sorry to hear that things have gone to shite, I hope the computer issues sort themselves out.
    Wouldn’t Qld Health be happy with your passport seeing as you have to use your birth certificate to get one?! Honestly, beaurocratic bullshit is just ridiculous these days. Not that I’ve actually received my Qld Health package yet so I guess I’ve got all of that to look forward to – thanks for the forewarning!
    Now pull your finger out and do some study you snot ‘cos I don’t think we could handle you having to repeat 4th year!
    Big hugs and good luck

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