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   Sep 23

The Washing Machine Was More Interesting….

All of my clothes are washed. All my sheets are washed. All my towels are washed. All my gym gear is washed.

There is not a scrap of dirty clothes anywhere in the house.

It is a pleasure to stack the dishwasher.

It gives me a thrill to be cooking….anything…doesn’t matter what….and the more dishes the better…means there is more dishwashing to be stacked into the dishwasher.

I have been to the gym five times in five days.

Something tells me there’s procrastination in the air.

Mickus accused me of liking the washing machine more than I liked going for coffee with him since I chose to attend to the washing instead of studying at St Lucia and meeting him for coffee.

I suggested that the washing machine had very attractive curves….gave me good vibrations and got very wet every time I tweaked it’s knobs…..if only females worked the same way.

Lordy bombordy I think I have exam induced psychosis….either that or severe coffee withdrawal having entered a voluntary coffee embargo…..

I am acutely aware that hiding on the other side of the weekend is a four-headed exam monster waiting to attack me.

In an ideal world I should be equipped with enough deadly knowledge to rip its head off…or at least mortally main it in some manner.

At best however… I think all that I could possibly manage is a few fingernail scratches (that’s if there’s any left after I have finished biting them).

Realistically…the best I will probably do is tickle it with a very ticklish feather and chuck a hissy fit at it before I go running screaming like a banshee into my 6 week sojourn overseas.

Not to worry…. assuming I am not too mortally wounded in the battle … I’ll return better prepared in May to have another go.

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  1. Jim says:

    Your females have knobs?

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