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   Sep 27

Smile! You’re Alive

When I went for my interview to get into medicine just over four years ago….I parked down the street from the Med School. Walking up the hill to the formidable Mayne Medical School building I was deep in thought and nervous as well….somebody who’s about to potentially sit for an interview that would quite possibly dictate which direction their life goes.

Lost in thought I came across three words that had been etched into the footpath concrete when it was wet.

Smile! You’re Alive!

It buoyed my spirits and made me grin. The interview went well and…for better or worse I got in.

For the last four years, every time I walk up the hill I see these words and every time I can’t help but break into a grin and feel a lifting of spirits. On Monday (yesterday) I walked up the hill and thought nostalgically that it could well be the last time I come upon those words as a mere medical student.

Serendipity (bless her cotton socks) and the Karma gods have thus far miraculously smiled upon me….and there is a vague hope that I might actually pass these wretched mongrel arsehole bastard piece of shite ambiguous as hell things the med school tries to pass off as exams. It seems as though everything that I might know a smidgeon about has been on the exams….and everything I know SFA about (and that certainly way outweighs what I actually DO know) has for the most part (stupid PPH papers aside) been left of the exams.

I hope that theme continues for the remaining to pieces of shite.

In other news….it pays to have an extended warranty. My PowerBook suffered a massive brainfart and required its logic board replacing….which would have cost $1925 had it not been under warranty. Much happiness now I have it back in my possession. I felt naked without it.

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  1. Paradox says:

    I TOLD YOU SO! Glad things are going well and very happy that you’ve now got your computer back and are no longer running about the city naked.
    Best of luck for the last exams.

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