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Time Flies…

   Oct 09

“I Feel Like Chicken Tonight” – Now an international muscial.

Am in probably the most unexciting place in Denmark….Esbjerg…industrial city servicing the North Sea oil rigs. The most exciting thing we saw in town was…the water tower…which we walked up (for the price of 15 kroner) and then walked back down. I now know more about water towers and their various designs than I ever cared to. There are some funky white statues that face the North Sea about 5 km out of town if you can be bothered walking 5km there and 5km back. We did…cause there was nothing else to do.

Good social time with the other med students but not much to do in town. Amusing that we travelled from Copenhagen on one side of the country to Esbjerg on the other side in 4 hours…. a pretty small country. The bus driver even sold us beer for 10 kroner a can…how cool is that – fine to drink beer on the bus trip.

Beer very cheap in Denmark. Australian wine here tastes like cat’s pee…but of course since it’s from Australia it’s exotic.

Am sick of answering ‘where I am from’ and ‘how much study I have done’ – very stuck recordish…but everyone is very nice.

Dipped my big toe into the North Sea yesterday but that’s about as far as I go…since the water was a tad nippy.

Been awesome weather here in Denmark – unseasonally sunny fine mild weather…. I am told that it should be pissing down with rain and dull and cold. But it’s not. Lucky for me.

Amusing that even bloody advertisements are the same across the world. The ‘I feel like chicken tonight’ song and advertisement has been translated into French AND Danish….so everyone knew the song and was able to sing it (drunkenly) in their mother tongue.

One week down. Time flies.

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  1. Kitsunegari says:

    i remember SWIMMING in the north sea at the beginning of summer once when i was a teenager. it was also 7 in the evening. if i were drunk i’d have an excuse… alas, i was 15 and well, not much else really.

    and water towers can be incredibly…interesting if you know exactly how to use them *wink wink know what I mean*

    til next….

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