Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Oct 19


Getting lost is good exercise.

By the time you have wandered around taking a wrong turn or many you have walked far more than you had anticipated. Nice to wander though. Lots to be seen that would otherwise not be seen.

Vegemite is a godsend. Reminds me of home. Makes me feel Australian when abroad. Funny to watch French Canadians try it on toast and nearly want to vomit at the taste….kind of like I felt when I tried the pickled herring that Scandanavians like sooooo much.

Oslo is very cold and very expensive. Oslo fjord is very beautiful…especially when cruising up it on an overnight ferry from Copenhagen and tucking into a delicious (free) breakfast. Free ferry tickets are even betterer….especially since the bathroom in my cabin was bigger than the bathroom in the apartment I am living in. Gotta love people who are friends who have contacts in the right places.

My lexicon is shrinking…..I can’t use a lot of the slang and more elaborate words….cause nobody understands me…so I find myself dumbing down things to the most basic english. Bahhh!

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One Comment

  1. Lynda says:

    You have your own bathroom. You bastard. You have a personal bathroom in an exotic place, I am sharing a filthy, god forsaken bathroom with some icky nursing students in Gympie. I have christened the quarters ‘Squalor Central’. At least we have the necessity to use dumbed down English in common ATM.

    Glad you are having fun! You deserve it!


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