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   Oct 22

Advancing Technology

Am most intrigued at being able to surf the internet (for free) using my wireless connection from my laptop whilst sitting on a train between Copenhagen in Denmark and Linkoping in Sweden. There are even powerpoints for laptops.

The main page that opens when you start your internet browser includes a real time map of where you are on your journey.

Well wicked.

Amazing how pervasive technology is these days. There are less and less places one can hide from the internet.

Give it a year or two and it won’t matter where we are on the globe…we’ll be permanently connected to the system… no matter where we are in the world.

But where there are advances in one arena….there are also lags….sure this train might have wireless internet….but it also has dogs and cats.

I am surrounded by five dogs and a cat who on occasion decide they do not like each other ….and fight.

Then of course there is the smell of dog breath pervading the cabin. Nauseating. But better than cigarette smoke I have to say…only just.

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  1. michael says:

    pretty fucking cool.

  2. Kitsunegari says:

    ah, but did any of the loverly foreing pets try to get creative and write their own blog? see, i’d have paid (in the ‘only if it were free’) to see you fending off a band of swedish or dutch canines off your laptop… *giggles*

    of course, i could always stay away from the computer when i’m still asleep.

    til next….

  3. michael says:

    Boeing are about to provide this in-flight, too…


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