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   Oct 25

Sore Feet

Some cities are easy to navigate. Some are not so easy. I suspect having a French-Canadian mate travelling with you could also weigh into the equation.

I think we walked around and around in circles at various times of the day during our 36 hour sojourn to Stockholm. I think Sweden (and Stockholm in particular) is by far the best of the three Scandinavian capitals I have experienced. I think it’s also the cheapest.

Cold weather is very invigorating…but only if you have central heating to go into when you’ve had enough.

I will never complain about coffee prices in Australia…at least not as much I have in the past.

So now it’s back to Copenhagen (which seems less friendly and more dirty than Stockholm) for my last two days of elective (thank fuck)…am soooo looking forward to travelling without having to do medical related stuff.

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One Comment

  1. Kitsunegari says:

    you’re telling me that there is somewhere else in the world where the coffee is of an extortionately high price?
    man, it was cheap as chips in Vancouver….
    silly europeans/scandinavians/foreign peoples.

    til next….
    ~Kits~ (as yet uncaffinated)

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