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   Nov 02

Nicotine Headache

Barcelona is fabulous.

Architecture is awesome.

Apartment I am staying in is on the beach…just thirty metres from the waves of the mediterranean.

The problem is….almost everyone in Barcelona smokes….such that by the end of my first day here…. I had a throbbing nicotine headache.

C’est La Vie.

London on Friday

New York on Monday.

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One Comment

  1. Paradox says:

    Will you stop having so much fun and going so many exciting places – you´re killing my motivation to study and making me want to start planning a holiday to some exotic location. :P sounds like fun though and I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. Quit moaning about the smoke and just buy a cigar and join in!

    Have a blast in London – I can recommend the Jack the Ripper walking tour!


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