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Time Flies…

   Nov 10

Surpasses Expectations

Most shows I goto with high expectations usually disappoint me…because I have such high expectations.

I expected to be non-plussed.

I wasn’t!

Avenue Q by far above and beyond surpasses my expectations!!!

Amazing, amusing, entertaining.

Far more than an album could ever convey.

Visually, aurally and intellectually spectacular.

Okay enough.

Amusingly, I sat next to an Aussie when I went to “The Woman in Black” whilst in Covent Garden in London…and I sat next to one tonight here on Broadway…. A stage manager from Australia who’s just finished with “The Producers” and is about to start a new show in a few weeks time.

What can I say… New York, New York…the town so nice they named it twice…or something cliched like that.

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One Comment

  1. Michael Henderson says:

    I really should have come to NY :-(

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