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Time Flies…

   Nov 11


I love living in a backwards country.

Why does it take so long for Australia to embrace technology.

I am…as has been something I have been doing an alarming number of times today and yesterday…sitting in a Starbucks (yes the McDonalds of coffee). Why then, might you ask, would I be here….

…because I have two days of unlimited wifi for $9.95 US.

No less than one third of the seated customers in this here den of unsavoury caffeinated beverages is sitting here doing just what I am….surfing the net…talking to people….working….on laptops.

Monthly unlimited WiFi accounts are $29.95 here….can be used in any Borders, Starbucks and other assorted locations in US as well as at any wireless broadband alliance (WBA) member outlet in the world.

Now let me take a look at the Australian situation…..were I to sit in Starbucks in Australia, I would need to be a customer of a member of the WBA….the only one of which in Australia is…..none other than BogPond.

So for me to use even 15 minutes of WiFi access at Starbucks in Australia…it would cost me $5….and $5 per 20 minute block thereafter or something obscene.

Monthly accounts are prohibitive…and usually come with download limitations.

Sucks to be Australian.

Death to Telstra…..or at least….maim them sufficiently to lower their stupid fucking WiFi prices….bring on some competition….if you drop the bloody ruddy prices, more people will use your service.

Okay…rant over.

It’s fucking cold here in NYC as I spend my last night OS. The wind has blown up making it bitterly chilly….almost as cold as scandanavia was two weeks ago. I lined up with 200 other people to vie for the thirty $25 front row seats to Wicked…as all the other seats had sold out.

Unsurprisingly…. I was not one of the lucky thirty. And as was the case at Avenue Q on Tuesday night….the last person enter the lottery got a fucking ticket. Grrrr.

Okay rant really over now.

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  1. jd says:

    In addition to the lack of WIFI, when I visited Queensland last August, I was surprised that most of the resort hotels where we stayed had no broadband access at all. How does anyone get any work done while traveling. Only frequent internet cafes?

  2. Michael Henderson says:

    Some of us (ie. me) can only get work done when there is no internet access :-)

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