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   Nov 24

…Insert Title Here….

“Why haven’t you blogged in a while?”

…because I can’t think of anything interesting to blog about.

Well not entirely true. I can think of plenty of interesting things I have done since the last blog entry…but the point is I can’t think of an interesting slant that sets my writing apart from your standard run of the mill ‘today I did this, then that, then something else’.

Not that there is no place for such writing styles….just not here. At least….not here when I can help it (as I would be being hypocritical if I said it was below me to do something like that).

Of late I haven’t felt as if I have had anything original to say. I am struggling with that fact at present. Sometimes it feels as if there is nothing more original to say or to do or to create. It all seems to have been done before. Even what I am thinking and writing here is nothing original – it’s been thought about for eons.

If that were the case however, then there would not be any new songs, films, discoveries…blah blah blah.

Ironically it sometimes seems that way with songs and movies being rehashes of old ones….but that being said, creativity continues.

Maybe I’ve just become unreceptive to creativity. It’s becoming increasingly hard for me to find a good novel to read…I spent hours whilst overseas wandering through bookshops in many countries and only managed to find one or two books that I cared to read. Any suggestions….feel free to send my way

As for being creative myself….I should be so lucky. Continuously I have grand plans…but…when it comes to the crunch…

Motivation wanes even for my soon to be new career. I go through days wondering if I really want to work. But it I didn’t….going back to my old profession would be inconceivably uninspiring….

…so it’s a puzzlement what to do.

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One Comment

  1. Kitsunegari says:

    I empathise with you on all of the above.

    My grand schemes of creative genius thwarted at the sight of a pen or Microsoft Word (which kills any kind of genius really). I’ve even been too unmotivated to bother finding a good book to read. I’ve been reading the same trilogy of novels, intermittently, since early January simply because the energy involved to digest the information on the page and escape reality has been too great for me. I have also had other distractions (approximately 2 feet long and quite wriggly).

    The work thing is also another thing I’ve been ‘umm’-ing and ‘ahh’-ing about. If the worse case scenario does rear it’s ugly head, then I’ll be forced to find work immeadiately, which is decent motivation I guess. But, I’m not really sure if I want to just yet, or at all. I’d much rather go back to school and learn something; a language (spoken or coding), film production, perhaps even hone my craft. So, I’m kinda stuck in a mire of self doubt and confusion. It sucks, but I’ve been here before and manage to crawl out. I think we’ll be just fine in the end.

    til next….
    ~Kits~ (rabbiting on like only she knows how)

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