Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Nov 26

I wish I could go back to college…..

No apologies for the flagrant unveiled reference to Avenue Q….’cause it’s great…trust me – I’ve seen it! :P

Okay okay….my main reason for wanting to ‘go back to college’…or in local lexicon…go back to uni….is because Sunday (day before my birthday for anyone who is interested)…marks the expiration of my student card….which means the end of cheap EVERYTHING.

Woe is me…

…full priced bus tickets…
…full priced (overpriced) movie tickets…
…full priced software…

…full priced everything.

Not happy Jan.

Okay okay…so yes, you might argue….’you’re being paid more kiddo’…but it still hurts to part with hard earned dosh and pay usually double what I have grown accustomed to paying for the last umpteen years I have been a student.

And my wage isn’t doubling to cope with this dastardly increase in the cost of things.

Wonder what I could study next? Any ideas?

In other news….most annoyed to have to wait until May next year to see ‘Rent’ in Australian cinemas…when it’s showing in US cinemas now.

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One Comment

  1. Paradox says:

    You should have gotten an international student card when you went overseas right? The one STA organises. It doesn’t expire until the end of March so if you have one of those (like all smart final year students do) then you’ll be fine for a few more months Mr. Tight!!!! :P

    Mod Note: Hmmm let me think about this for a moment…..what was in my wallet when I left it on a train from Kings Cross/St Pancras to Cambridge? Alas…it was my ISIC card that you speak so highly of. So while it was a good idea of yours in theory (and one I had thought of when I got it) it still doesn’t solve me conundrum.

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