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   Dec 03

Oh Grrrrr

Debut today as ‘The Ogre’ in Puss ‘n’ Boots at The Arts.

Remarkably the performance went of reasonably well considering that I have had one rehearsal with the cast (last week) and I have seen the show twice. Something to be said for jumping into a role without having to go through the rig’m'role of the rehearsal period. Only thing I would have to say though is I think characterisation suffers just a tad…and well..lets just say the singing could be improved a smidge…..enunciation, intonation….and hell…dynamic control (there seemed to be only two volumes…loud and…loud.).

I was suitably impressed that I was able to make a few kids cry with my character (hopefully because I was scary in the scary ogre kind of way and not scary in the ‘oh my god they call that acting??’ kind of way). Lots of autographs afterwards..if only I could stop sounding like a fucking pirate….curses TI.

Thank goodness I have a great cast who are excellent to play off…

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One Comment

  1. Dylan says:

    Aha! Pirates!!!

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