Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Dec 03

The End

About four years ago one Saturday morning, having been hung over as hell from a party the night before at the staff social club, I donned my rollerblades and set off on a merry adventure to pick up my car from the hospital car park where it had been left the day before.

Passing the post office I absent-mindedly decided to check them mail as I had not gotten around to checking it the day previously.

The mail was to change my life. In the box was my offer letter for the Bachelor of Medicine course that today I finished.

Yep that’s right….four long years (interminable at times) have flown by and I have now completed all the course requirements. All that there is to do now is get dressed up in funny clothes to receive the piece of paper that means I can at an extra four letters and two commas to the end of my name and begin my name with a D and not a B.


What a strange feeling it is to be finished.

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