Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Dec 08

Out on the patio, we sit – and the humidity, we feel….

The oppressive heat stifles all activity for days as the muggieness builds in intensity.

It feels as though the air has been replaced with a thick lukewarm soup that we all must wade through.

Days pass with no sign of relief from the heat.
The evenings swelter at the marginally cooler 28 degrees.
The BOM radar shows no hint of rain….until…

…when it’s just getting to the point of being too much to bear
…when no amount of fannage helps appeases the angry heat
…we languish and swoon…

…the reds and oranges of a severe thunderstorm encased in the blue of lots of rain sweeps into view as it forms somewhere outside the 250km radar mark.

Inexorably and at it’s own pace….tracking in ten minutely updates we see relief is in sight….long before we can sense it in the air.

With fingers crossed we pray for the storm to hit us…instead of being a pissweak piece of shit and passing around us or petering out before us….

…slowly but surely…

The wind picks up and half of the sky turns from clear blue to dusky green…storm heads are silhouetted by the emerald green that heralds hale.

Confirming the sky’s ominous message … the BOM issues a warning…severe storms with large hale…

The radar tracks the inexorable passage towards us.

The maelstrom builds.

The cicadas signal warning as the air comes to a stand still. The anticipation gathers pace. The air is electric.

Lightening cracks in the distance.

The blackened sky is beginning to affect the visibility. People, previously doing impressions of fly blown corpses in the heat begin to reanimate these zombies as though life has been blown into them by the ominous call of the thunder that forms the baseline of the cacophonous symphony that has begun.


Activity abounds…..

The wind picks ups….the clouds roll over….

The leaves rustle…


The noise on the corrugated iron rooves suddenly takes over from the serene cicada fanfare.

The wind howls an eerie accompaniement…

Visibility disappears….

The storm is here.

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  1. Kym says:


    That was really beautiful.

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