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Time Flies…

   Jan 14

Yeah Career Change….

Guess what….I’ve changed careers. That comes with the extra letters before and after my name.

Yay. Most everyone probably knows that anyhoo.

It sucks though that my hourly rate drops in the process. Not coping with that bit. Must remember the big picture stuff… Still can’t complain. Am at least employed and I am aware that there are less fortunate people who aren’t. Good things come to those who don’t piss off the karma gods though.

Dammit for choosing to live in Indooroopilly…..fecking miles from anywhere and a $22 cab fare from the city.

Sucks to be me. If only overnight transport was as reliable and as regular as it said it was.

And I have to be up in 6 hours….argh.

No fair.

Hope everyone has a smashing day (and I don’t mean that in any crockery dismemberment way or other such connotations).

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  1. Dylan says:

    Career change? What inspired you to make a career change that resulted in a pay cut of more than I earn? And what is this new career?

  2. Kitsunegari says:

    so, while your life moves steadily forward into a stable and well paying career, mine remains at a stand still and patrick’s steps backward….

    i’m not jealous, i am genuinely happy for you.

    yes it’s a bitch to have to pay full price for everything now that you are no longer a student, but you eventually get used to it.

    apologies for the tone being kinda narky and terse and generally less than happy. i’ve had enough of hammers for the time being and dislike that they give me headaches.

    til next….
    ~Kits~ (hoping to eat again VERY SOON)

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