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   Feb 27

EtOH Withdrawal

Oh deary me… I should know better than to drink copious quantities of alcohol.

Sure…it’s fun when you’re anaesthetised and dissociated from reality….but hangover or not…the withdrawal process is not pretty.

Today I was not affected by a hangover. I am not sure why. Maybe I was adequetely rehydrated. No headache. No nausea. All good. Until my body went….’hang on a tic….there’s no more alcohol….bugger’…and rebounded.

For anyone who is not familiar with how the body reacts to substances (medicinal or otherwise)…it adapts to the presence of a substance. So when that substance is no longer there the body is still trying to compensate for its presence….meaning that the effects of withdrawal of a substance should be the exact opposite of the effects of the said substance.

In this case…ethanol…which depresses your inhibitory centres in the brain…instead of elation and social disinhibition…you end up with depression and social inhibition.

I can see why some people would become dependent on alchohol…because the feeling of withdrawal sucks. What better way to prevent withdrawal than to keep drinking…. (except perhaps abstaining in the first place).

So really when placed in this situation…there’s not much more that can be done than to batten down the hatches and ride out the storm while your body neurochemistry tries to right itself. Thank goodness for having three days off now.

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