Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Feb 28

Shiny New 19inch Toy

Mind out of the gutter people.

It does not vibrate and you don’t stick it places.

Well actually the only place I plan on sticking it is on my desk where I can stare longingly at it.

It is in fact my new 19 inch LCD monitor.  MMMMMMmmmm screen real estate.  So bright I need never go out in the sun again I will in fact be able to tan in front of it.

Soooo much space.

So crisp.  So clear.

Okay… am over it now.

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One Comment

  1. Sam says:

    Now when you say your over it, you mean that how…

    BTW my mind would like to say that it likes the gutter and has some fond memories because of it.

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