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   Mar 08

GP? or not GP?


Why can’t people learn that an EMERGENCY department is for…..hang on…no, it’s not a day care centre for old farts…..no… it’s not a place where you can come hang out and talk to people…..no…..it’s not where you come to with a problem you have had for three weeks…..no…wait for it, I know it’s going to blow your mind….and EMERGENCY department is for……..EMERGENCIES!!!!

Give me an E

Give me an M

Give me an E

Give me an R

Give me an E

Give me a G

Give me an E

Give me an N

Give me a C

Give my a Y

Yes folks….that spells EMERGENCY

I know, I know…it’s totally flabbergasting. Who would have thought.

Apparently not most of the population of the Halfwitsundays (another name for the islands in the bay), and apparently not most of the local population.

Today I felt like I was swimming in a pile of shit – it was smelly, unpleasant and frankly I can think of better things to do.

I was however amused by how effective it was in clearing the waiting room out when a hysterical mother came in with an EMERGENCY. Kind of made all the dickheads with subacute GP problems realise that perhaps they should go and see their GP on another day.

I really love the EMERGENCY part of EMERGENCY medicine…but frankly I can’t stand the GP stuff…that sort of stuff we shouldn’t have to see. Hell will freeze over before I become a General Practitioner. I think I would rather work in a coffee shop making coffee all day being paid shit wages before I would choose to do GP work. Is it any wonder there’s a shortage of GPs in this country….you couldn’t pay me enough dollars to make me want to be one.
Okay rant over.

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One Comment

  1. Kym says:

    Amen brudda. Althought, why anyone would want to be in the medical profession at all beats me……but then i am just a simple artist…..

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