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Time Flies…

   Mar 25

Something about frying pans and fires

Handover this arvo from the current incumbent in the position I take over on Monday.

An hour long!!! Holy crap that would have to have been the most elaborate well prepared handover I have ever seen or heard of. Usually handovers take all of ten minutes. Not that I am complaining.  Will mean I might not look like such a prat come 0700 Monday morning.
Am approaching Monday with trepidation and fear. I am returning from The Booners (affectionately referred to as Wandin Valley Hospital) to the Big Smoke.

Orthopaedics. Bone doctoring. Egads. Orthopods are scary people. They play lots of football. They grunt. They eat their young.

Ten weeks of being in orthopaedic surgery.

Ten weeks of overtime every day. (The only thing consoling me here is “Cha-Ching Cha-Ching”).

Good bye social life as I know it. From Monday I suspect it doesn’t exist.

In other news… I missed the train going out tonight because I didn’t have enough coins (by 20c) to make up the fare… so had to bus it. Grrr. Stupid pubic (sic) transport.

I was dropped home by Mickus at 2am….to discover (after he’d driven off) I forgot to take my keys with me tonight when I went out. I also discovered my housemate can sleep through Armageddon (and I mean the end of days….not the film…shit even I would sleep through that crock of shite). I spent two long hours on the cold concrete out the front until I heard him get up to pee. (Thank goodness for small bladders I say…othewise I’d still be sitting out there in the cold).

Ah well. Home inside snug as a bug.

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  1. Paradox says:

    Handovers are over-rated, Orthopaedics is awesome and the Pods are FUN guys. ICU is scary and I’m over the money – I want a life! 80 hour weeks suck. You will be fine.

  2. mickus says:

    > I was dropped home by Mickus at 2am….to discover (after he’d driven off)

    doh! had no idea!

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