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   Mar 29

Screw You! (or…more correctly…Un-screw you)

I screwed a patient today while they slept … with four people watching.

Boy does that sound like a boundary violation.

It is however not quite so nasty.

What I am referring to is the removal of two screws from the femur of a patient. For those who have never heard a femur that’s the bone in your leg that runs from your hip to your knee.

Now it’s hardly something to get excited over really….I mean, it’s not hard to use a hexagonal screwdriver. What made it more exciting for moi, was that it was the first time I performed surgery unassisted from go to woe on a patient under a GA (general anaesthetic).

Who would have thought a sane person would let me loose with a scalpel… who would have thought unscrewing two screws would have rated me writing about it. It’s a little more involved than your average handyman job…there was some blunt dissecting down to the bone and then blindly feeling about along the bone until you find the hole.

Other fun things I got paid to do today included using funky pneumatic powertools to ream out (that means hollow out) bones so as to put bits of metal in. Pneumatic powertools are pretty funky cause they make “whoop whooping” noises when you’re using them….

…small things amuse small minds.

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