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Time Flies…

   Jun 12

Caloric Conniptions

Well…. last entry…nearly a month ago….fuck I should write more…was right… I didn’t get the part I wanted but….no matter I’m still in the show… as a horse. Not quite what I had anticipated but….don’t look a gift horse in the …*groan*. Kind of cool costumes though.

Tomorrow I am catering for the weekly case conference.

I could have gone to the cheesecake shop…but where’s the fun in that.  I spent most of the afternoon (when I wasn’t rehearsing being a horse) making a double-layered mud cake coated in a chocolate ganache.  The finished product I think will not only feed the 9 or so people in the case conference but could (calorically speaking) feed a small starving african nation.

Some ingredients which feature…. 3 cups of sugar, over half a kilo of chocolate, a cup of cocoa, a cup of oil, 125g of butter…..*WARNING WARNING*  Arteries occluding at the mere thought of said cake!

I thought I should conteract such decadence with a tad on the healty side so I made a cheese and pickle dip and a guacamole into which everyone can dip carrot, cucumber and celery sticks.

I’ve been nibbling all day on cake batter, ganache remnants and what not…as such am too full now to even contemplate eating anything I’ve made.

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