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   Aug 20

An Asphyxiating Performance

A little over two months of silence.  Well not really silence but a lack of motivation to put down on electronic paper my thoughts.  Certainly the words have been running around in my head…

Anyhoo, enough of that.

I attended the opening of Gasping (by Ben Elton) last night at a venue that shall remain nameless.  Having previously read the script I had great expectations of the show.

Alas I was disappointed.  Maybe it was first night nerves or something but I felt that individually and as a group each of the performers (with the exception of one) feel way short of the mark.

Ben Elton’s script, one of his first, written in 1990, was rich in comedy and social commentary that still rings true today.  Unfortunately the delivery of the dialogue failed to inspire.  It is amazing how much difference the delivery of a line can make to its impact.  Irony is lost when delivered with the expectation that people will laugh.

I suspect that perhaps the cast members were cast on looks as opposed to acting talent.

Acting aside I was impressed with the set design and construction.  Give it another two to three weeks of performances and perhaps the show will be worth while seeing.

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  1. Michael says:

    Yay! Your blog has been too quiet..

    Ever afraid that they might read this?

    **Mod Note:**  Every production needs to be able to handle criticism.  Not all criticism is valid or warranted and they can choose whether they take my opinion or leave it.  Freedom of speech is a great thing.

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