Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Aug 26

The Pyjama Game

I have to say I love the concept of sitting around in pyjamas all day drinking coffee and chatting to people….and get paid for the privelege.

Welcome to the world of Anaesthesia.

I think I could quite easily get used to this kind of lifestyle.

And you get to feed people yummy drugs…and put them to sleep.

Still I guess it’s not all smooth sailing…. I saw a patient transfused with twice his blood volume in blood the other day….and then there’s the odd occasion when the soothing sound of a regular well-oxygenated pulse stops and alarms start going off and the shit hits the fan….but…that’s usually short-lived….hopefully the patient isn’t and the relative peace and calm of the operating theatre returns – the friendly flirting and banter between the staff resumes.

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