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   Sep 14

The HOT “I don’t believe that’s chicken” burger

The Europe trip for 2006 is underway.  Even if I did leave my mobile phone at home.  Grrr.  I must either be missing an awful lot or travelling lighter as my bag only weighed 13kg.  Not sure how I will cope without a notebook computer.

Finished packing this morning…..washing was still wet last night.  Woke at ten in a tiz …. a little later than had been planned.  Dropped car off at Teneriffe…to discover missing mobile…had to sweettalk the lady at Station 8 into calling me a cab.  “But I’ll miss my flight to Europe” works remarkably well.  Had a cabby that hardly said more than two words on the entire trip out to airport….almost tipped him for not having to make inane conversation.

Didn’t buy any duty free.  Couldn’t be fucked.  Although I did smell an awful lot of EDT…will think about getting some on way back. 

Flight to Singapore went uneventfully.  Thank fuck for video on demand on QANTAS flights.  Saw a number of movies I wouldn’t have bothered seeing at the cinemas but were watchable nonetheless.

So here I am once again at Changi airport awaiting departure of my flight to Amsterdam.  Went to buy myself a hot and spicy chicken burger (the supposed local equivalent of KFC I guess).  Forgot that hot and spicy in Asia means HOT AND SPICY not pissy tingling like the Australian burgers.  Can’t say it was a chicken burger though….there was a few millimetres of white stuff dripping in crispy oil soaked batter that I think was what they were intimating might be the poultry part of the food – but all I can say is it was more paltry than poultry.

Am sans digital camera – there’s a backpack of mine with a UQ library book, digital camera and goodness knows what else missing – have turned house upside down…but to no avail.  Anyone know of its whereabouts?

Anyhoo…..must go and try out the free foot massagers before I have to get on my flight.

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  1. michael says:

    so wierd that you wrote this already.. it’s like you haven’t even gone anywhere.

    no camera?? awww…

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