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   Sep 18

Beer, Two Israeli PIs, A Czech Headhunter and Roast Duck


Very empty spacious new looking airport.  Another stamp in my passport.

Convoluted travel from airport to hostel. 

Bus 119 to metro A stop.  Change to a Metro B train at Muzeum.  Catch a Tram from the stop you get off at.  Any more forms of pubic transport I’d like to catch?

Was waiting at tram stop to catch tram to hostel and ran into Juanita who’d actually gone out to airport to meet me – but missed me by five minutes.

Went to Old Town Prague – Tourists fucking everywhere.  What a bloody nightmare.  Tourists, My runny nose and Cigarette Smoke did not put me in a good frame of mind.  Saw some VERY funky churchs.  Walked through some streets.  Feet sore.  Got back to hostel.

Beer cheaper to drink than water.

Juanita and I decided to go on a Pub walking tour of Prague.  Turns out that the only other two tourists who decided to take it were an Israeli couple from Tel Aviv who run a private investigation company.  Their stories were…interesting.  I did wonder about interrogation methods.  “Ve have Vays of making you talk”.  Tour guide was a local who was doing business administration at uni.  One of his other jobs was as a headhunter….he would ring businesses and lie through his teeth to glean information about people and pass it onto the recruitment companies who would try and woo these people into jobs with other countries.  Very intriguing.

Pub tour included half a litre of beer at each pub.  Three pubs in all.  Was well feeling drunk by third pub which was off the beaten track because the pub we were supposed to goto was booked out.  Food was delicious though – local czech food – deep fried blue vein cheese was one of my favourites.  Everything in Czech republic is very oily and rich.  Minimal salads.

Turns out that Czech Republic has one of the highest incidences of heart disease in Europe.  Not surprised.  Beer cheaper than water…..fried everything…..yummy none the less.  We tried the roast duck (being apparently a Czech dish).  Never been much of a fan of duck…still not a fan of duck….probably ate too much deep fried blue vein cheese.

Tour over.  Having had a good time… the two israeli PIs, the tour guide and us went to a bar called “The goat”.  Most bars seem to be underground here in cellars.

Trams stopped running at midnight…which meant a long walk back to hostel.  Feet very sore.

Slept till three PM today….combination of hangover and flu.

Went to a concert with Prague Symphony Orchestra at the Smetana concert hall.  Knew most of the pieces performed.  Very enjoyable…even if fucking tourists were using flash photography all through the concert.

Home now and in need of a good sleep. 

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