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   Sep 21

St Vitus, Jazz and a Fuckload of Steps

A new day dawns.

Met Therese at Malastranska Metro station and we all walked up to Prague Castle.  Some visiting dignitary must have been well….visiting – because we were delayed entering whilst a motorcade of several cop cars, dark glassed black vehicles, an ambulance and inumerable motorcycles pulled up at the palace.  Some guardlike people dressed in full regalia and other paraphenalia including several musical instruments  put on a performance with a lot of saluting and marching around as if they had poles stuck where there shouldn’t be anything stuck.

First stop on the palace tour was St Vitus’ cathedral.  Fucking amazing.  Very gothic in style.  Awesome pipe organ.  Very musty smelling royal crypt with funky sarcophagi.

Walked up the south-tower – which consisted of a fuckload of steps but the view was worth it.  Walk down the winding staircase was inhibited a tad by a gaggle of school children tearing up the spiral steps at a rate of knots and me getting stuck behind two Seppo tourists who schitzed half way up about it being too high and turned around and gingerly attempted to walk down the stairs clinging the to the wall.

The old palace was very beautiful and I was fascinated by the history.

Art gallery was soporifically boring.  There’s only so many crucifixes or pictures of crucifixes that one can take in before it get’s very dull.

After going up and down several more flights of steps my knee started complain bitterly meaning I had to limp around for the rest of the day.  Woe is me.  We managed to get lost….well…probably just temporarily misplaced before finding a tram to take back to the hostel.
Transferred my luggage from HI hostel to the hotel Cheese and I are staying in (in the ‘burbs of Prague).  Purchased really cheap raspberries at the metro station and pigged out on them upon arriving at new hotel room.
Went back into town to goto a Jazz club.  Located in a somewhat seedy part of town…as demonstrated by the malingerers at the entrance to the Metro we exited from.  There was a passed out bloke who’d pissed himself and was lying in a puddle of his own micturation.

Ate dinner at a funky restaurant with cheap local cuisine (more artery clogging cream).  Beer being cheaper than water, went down very well by the litre or so that we each drank.

Jazz club – The Rudet Jazz Club – was amazing.  Located in the cellar of this building it was dark, smoky, with walls lined in brown velvet curtains and had green velvet seating.  About a hundred people of all ages from 18 to 70 all sat in groups or alone drinking tasty beverages and drinking up the atmosphere.

There was a Jazz quartet that had the crowd captivated all night.  It was amazing how intense they were about their performing – almost as if they were getting high on the music they made – and that high was visible by the ecstasy on their faces when they performed.  It was a communal high that was experienced by most, if not all of the audience.

I enjoyed it immensely and was quite happily sozzled on Bombay Sapphire and tonic by the end of the evening.  Why can’t we have funky venues like this in Brisvegas.

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