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   Sep 23

A Pub Full of Fifteen Year Olds

Morning began with meeting the other members of the tour:

  • An Aussie couple from Laidley (between T’Ba and Brisvegas)
  • A bloke from Sydney
  • A Couple from Canadia (sic)

Tour leader is a Kiwi.

I am the youngest on the tour.

I like the theory of this tour – we get you from point A to point B and tell you what might be funky then you go do your own thing.  None of this following like a gaggle of sheep in front of a tour guide with an umbrella.  None of this stupid happy-snapping as you walk past this monument or that.

Cheese and I, having been in Prague for a few days spent the morning shopping…. I can’t believe I spent an hour trying on clothes…..what can I say…they were cheap and they weren’t clothes anyone in Australia should be wearing…and I needed them.

Cheese when shoe shopping.  I sat in the shoe shop ogling the gorgeous blonde-haired blue-eyed Czech women showing off their slim long legs as they tried on FM boots.  Cheese walked out with a 3000 Kc pair of boots – divide by 16 for AUD.

Afternoon we spent trying to find the Communist museum.  We were sure we knew how to read the goddamn map but in spite of walking up and down and up and down and up and down the same street (which I named the Yo-Yo st)….we finally found it….ironically located between a McDonalds and a Casino.  Was very interesting.  I learnt about the Velvet Revolution and the Prague Spring (both which sound like fashion shows but are actually quite important events in the Czech Republic’s history).

Met the other tour members for dinner.  We went to one of the pubs I’d been to on the last pub tour I did.  Yummy food.  Old farts went home.  I accompanied Aaron (tour leader) to another pub to meet with his counterpart who was spending his last night in Prague.  We ended up in a pub full of smashed fifteen-year-olds!!  Turns out legal drinking age is 15 in Czech Republic.  Which meant you couldn’t be sure that every gorgeous lass flirting with the barman was actually of legal age of consent.

Apparently it was a school group from Germany.  The teachers were at the front of the bar and just as maggotted as the rest of the students.  We soon hightailed it out of there and onto another pub on the other side of Old Town Square.

It was in this pub I discovered a lethal drink…..Absinthe and Red Bull… as if Vodka wasn’t bad enough with Red Bull….we have the green fairy (roughly resembling Kylie Minogue if the film is to be believed) locking horns with the Thai bovine.  I limited my intake of that particular concoction.

Tiring of that establishment….it was off in search of cheap cocktails…..and indeed they were cheap….I swear I didn’t know it was a strip club until after I’d ordered my exceedingly cheap beverage.  Nonetheless it wasn’t anything startling.  I didn’t really feel like getting hyped up over a bunch of (admittedly gorgeous) scantily clad women when they had looks on their faces that distinctly said they were thinking about grocery lists or cleaning toilets….certainly their mind wasn’t on the job.  Can’t say I blame them…but apparently the clientele didn’t seem to mind if the mind wasn’t in residence in the gyrating pole-dancing piece of meat in front of them.

0430 saw us getting back to the hotel.  Egads….and I have to check out at 8am.

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