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   Oct 05

Vomit and Other Conniptions

Travelling is fun.

Most of the time.

First night in London was suboptimal.

My original bed was occupied – so they changed me to another room.

My ‘Non-Smoking’ Room was right above the smoker’s garden…..so I had cigarette smoke to contend with all night.

I woke in the morning and climbed out of bed to discover I had stepped in a pile of vomit that one of my room-mates had vomited all over the floor.  There were splashes of vomit all over my backpack (thank fuck it’s waterproof). 

After getting reception to clean the room, I sacrificed the one clean sock from the pair I was wearing to scrub the outside of my backpack…and promptly went downstairs to demand a refund on the rest of my nights.  I guess you can’t expect much for nine pounds in the middle of london.

New hostel at Holland Park is very nice.  Decent hot breakfasts.  Quiet.  Clean bathrooms.  No vomiting as yet.


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One Comment

  1. Emma says:

    Agony. Am in agony with laughter.

    Surely the pricetag was the hint?

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