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   Oct 13

The Abode of Dobe

Greetings from the sleepy town of Basel in the fence-sitting country of Switzerland.

A quaint little town on the Rhine. Somewhat bizarre given that it spreads over three countries. France and Germany are about ten minutes walk from ‘The Abode of Dobe’ – the delightful guest house on the ‘wrong side of the river’ that I’ve been kindly allowed to seek refuge in.

I must have tourist written all over my face (either that or some well-meaning … or perhaps pisstaking local has pinned a sign to my back saying ‘tourist’) because having wandered through town and in and out of various houses of commerce, it seems that although the people before and after me are addressed in German, whenever I arrive at a counter, I’m addressed in English. A tad disconcerting.

Seems to be much to see and do in this thigh of the world (I say thigh because there are already far too many necks of the world, and besides, it’s a very attractive part of the world and seems to be somewhat close to the ‘Black Forest’ within which I believe there are many wonderous things – consequently thigh would seem appropriate).

Realised with alarm and consternation that I have less than a week before I arrive home to Brisvegas – spelling an end to my wandering for the time being. Ninety odd days left at my current place of employment before I am no longer interned….sounds like I’m buried (well one letter away from it anyways) – apt I suppose… I feel buried in said place of employment – I need to be ‘disinterned’… or perhaps exhumed from the mountain of overtime and paperwork I seem to be stuck doing. Roll on being able to shake free from the shackles of internship.

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