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   Oct 18

Vale ‘Annual-Leave-06-Euro-Wander’

The end of my trip has come too fast.

Here I sit in London the day before I return to Oz and the shackles of employment.

I have to admit this hostel (Palmer’s lodge – bit of a wanky name I reckon if you will pardon the pun) is probably the best I have stayed in when I have visited london – free WiFi, clean, nice beds, close to tube, reasonable breakfast included, cheap beer and food in the bar, non-smoking.

Phew five weeks has passed all too quickly – and yet it seems an age ago that I was in Prague.  I’ve managed to visit quite a few countries and see quite a few things whilst over here.

Some thoughts:

  • There seems to be an awful lot of the denomination known as ‘The church of the perpetual renovation’ (hat tip to Frank for that one) across Europe – by that I mean, half the time you couldn’t take a good shot because of all the scaffolding around the building.
  • My liver needs a nice long period of convalescence – beer being cheaper than water might be a good thing in theory…in practice….maybe not for extended periods.  Given that European (particularly Eastern European) beer shits all over mainstream Australian beer, there’s a good chance I will be ‘dry’ for a while.
  • There are far too many museums, cathedrals, castles, palaces, art galleries, sights to take in on one trip – better to leave plenty for the next time.  I think my ‘places of cultural interest’ enzyme is well and truly saturated – and thus if we recall first order enzyme kinetics – it’s pointless adding any more, I’m not going to digest them any quicker.  This doesn’t seem to be an inducible enzyme isoform.
  • I feel like I’m in a cultural backwater in Brisvegas – there is not enough Jazz, live music and theatre venues for my liking.  I have certainly enjoyed sampling the live entertainment that Europe has to offer – well and truly whet my appetite for further forays.
  • Brisbane, as well as being a cultural backwater is also a transport backwater.  Oh for a Metro system, and trains and busses that run every five minutes not every hour.
  • I have read more novels on this trip than I have all year.  I also have a list of authors a mile long that I want to read now.  I think I have been into just as many bookshops as I have churches and museums.
  • As per usual, the more I travel, the more I want to travel.  It’s like an (expensive) addictive habit.  I am pretty sure you can’t buy patches to ease the cravings.
  • I will enjoy the comfort of my own bed – in a room that is not full of snorers and wankers (and I mean that in the literal sense).
  • My credit card may never recover.
  • Only a year or so until I can hopefully move to Europe for a bit….not that I’m counting.

So, staring down the barrel of 30 hours of airline travel being spat out back in the Antipodes, I have to say I feel immensly fullfilled by my wanderings, but as per usual the Wanderlust continues.

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  1. Michael says:

    Maybe no beer, but sometime this weekend when you return there will be vodka and guitar hero!

  2. Michael says:

    > I feel like I’m in a cultural backwater in Brisvegas – there is not enough Jazz,
    > live music and theatre venues for my liking.

    Maybe we just aren’t going to the right places. Places like the bowery have live jazz always (and fancy drinks). Not really my crowd though.

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