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Time Flies…

   Oct 18

Walkabout The Local Locale

Sad Sad Sad.

My last night in London….Went out looking for pubbage with Andrew, an Aussie from Perth.

Alas the only pub open when we went out at at 11pm on a Tuesday night was….

A fucking “we’re pretending to be Australian” pub called the Walkabout pub.

Not happy Jan!  For a start, the Walkabout creek pub (aka McKinlay pub) that I’m assuming the branding was based on is nothing like this cheap and tawdry “Aussie Pub”.  In fact, in all the Aussie pubs I’ve been to in Australia…..it was nothing like it.

Fortunately I was not forced to drink Fosters (no self-respecting Australian would)…there was Guinness on tap for £2 per pint.

Homeward bound now…..30-odd hours of travelling, arriving back in Brisvegas 0630 Friday.

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