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   Nov 04

Bloody Procrastination

I know I am the grand high master of procrastination…but geez I wish I wasn’t sometimes.

Two days into operation “Pass Part I” and I have thought of a million excuses not to study…but if I keep this up, passing will not be happening anytime soon.

Need to sit down with no distractions and just do it…

… in other news….am on Breast and Endocrine Surgery.  Enough saggy boobs to sink a battleship.  Lots of sad stories.

Workload isn’t to bad however.

Ten weeks remain until the jump up to the peninsula. Funky e-toll transponder arrived today.  I can’t believe I am now an e-toll carrying bloody commuter.  What was I thinking.


should shave….can’t be fucked

should study….can’t be fucked

should be writing…can’t be fucked

should be exercising….can’t be fucked

should be doing lots of things….

…should be living my life….apparently I can’t be fucked.

Nuff said.

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One Comment

  1. Kitsunegari says:

    i think you need to get laid, then you might be fucked. *ba-doom ching!*

    sorry, i couldn’t help myself. *giggles*

    til next….
    ~Kits~ (just finished work, what else needs to be said?)

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