Tempus Fugit

Time Flies…

   Nov 17

Stuff, maybe too much thereof, maybe not

What part of ‘overcommit’ do I not understand?

Have a full cast for Charlie.  Some very talented individuals.  It freaks me out a tad that some of the actor’s I’m directing are probably far more qualified than I am.

Somehow I’m now in a show called Anthems at 45rpm.  A case of wrong place at the wrong time – went to photocopy scripts for charlie and bumped into Lynne (director of said show) who had issues with a declining number of men in her show – so now sometime in the next two weeks I’m to learn a heap of song AND dance and then start going on stage sometime after opening night…..have to fill in for someone on December 16th….lines need to be learnt then.

First gathering of ‘Team PassPartOne’ tonight.  Timmeh, and Ross and I are mad enough to attempt to somehow obtain enough information between now and July 2nd to pass the ANZCA Part I.  Mad I tell you – all mad! Not quite sure where I’ll find the time to fit that in.

Maybe there’s some chewing happening of stuff that’s been bitten off.  The question is will there be indigestion or a full on obstruction?

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