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Time Flies…

   Nov 26

Feelings of ‘OhFuckit’


And I agreed to do this why?

First group study session today for Part I of ‘Operation FANZCA’.  I know not very much.  I am a lazy slack bastard.  How the hell am I going to learn all this material before July.  Why am I going down this path?  Why why why why why.

Supposedly the end justifies the means.  I’m just a little overwhelmed at present by the sheer mountain of content and concepts to be grasped.

Regularly experiencing feelings of ‘ohfuckit’ throughout the day at work as well as when I should be studying.

Far more exciting things I’d like to be doing.

On the other hand…if I don’t do it…I’ll be stuck where I am.  Not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

I think really the hardest part is actually getting started.  Haven’t really studied in earnest since the end of second year.  That was nearly three years ago.  So it’s a cold shock to the system actually having to study and having to learn content in depth.

Well….I’ve started.  Here’s hoping I gather some momentum some time soon.  I am perhaps regretting being convinced to do Anthems at 45rpm at present.

On a brighter note….7 weeks left until general registration.  Seven weeks left until I change hospitals.

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