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   Mar 26

TPLT Tour of Duty Day 1

Have arrived in TPLT* No.1.

Flight was in a Dash-8.  Flight attendent was nervous as all buggery as it looked like he was being assessed (stern looking flight attendent seated accross from me ticking and flicking forms and watching him like a hawk).  I felt sorry for him because I think his nerves made him sound very unpolished.

One hour wait in the sweltering heat at the airport because the hospital car was being serviced.  Trip to TPLT No.1. from NBCT* was via the photocopier shop to ascertain the status of the hospital photocopier repair and via the pet shop – to purchase a new fish for the hospital fish tank.

Two hour drive from NBCT to TPLT No.1.  Most entertaining conversation with the gardener/ambulance driver and an EN that were in NBCT to pick me up and do errands.

Arrived in TPLT No.1.

It’s sooo cute.  The hospital reminds me of A Country Practice.

Weatherboard.  Manicured lawns.  Very 1950s.

Reliever’s accomodation is spartan but comfortable.

Turns out there’s been no doctor in town for four weeks…hence the private practice clinic is full up.  GROAN.  I’ve never actually had to deal with private practice before.  Could be somewhat rather hellish.  Will not be impressed if it’s pap-smear central

The hospital runs its own ambulance.  There’s no paramedic.  The area covered is 22,000 square km covered by this hospital meaning a callout may mean a two hour trip out to a station somewhere.  Doctor to accompany in serious situations.

Could be a very interesting time.

*TPLT = Tin Pot Little Town

*NBCT = Nearby Big Country Town

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